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Dive into the lagoon with this stunning bezel ring! The 2304-01 features a beautiful bright green-blue colour, perfect to reflect the tropical paradise. Enjoy the luxurious oval shape- sure to make a powerful statement!

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Opal Type :Doublet

Carats :2.8

Pattern :Broad Flash

Dimensions :W8.3 L12.8 H3.5

Shape :Oval

Body Tone :N3-Black

Brightness :B4-Very Bright

Prominent Colour :Green

Inclusions:Yes (Pin point Sand)

Field Mined & Year :Lighting Ridge

Note! Black Circle Size 1"Dia

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What is a Doublet?

Opal doublets consist of a thin layer of natural opal bonded to a black or dark-coloured base, typically made of a dark-coloured mineral such as ironstone or basalt. The base provides a dark background that enhances the colours of the opal layer, making it appear more vibrant and intense. Opal doublets are typically less expensive than solid natural opals because they are made from a smaller amount of natural opal, and the base material can be less expensive. They are commonly used in jewellery making and also in other decorative items. 


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Note! Aust Post does used forward carriers on international orders. 


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Doublets are a very good entry-level for opal lovers to access Natural Australian Opal. With natural crystal opal set on a solid dark silica base highlights & accentuates the colours found in the opal. Normally set in a bezel setting, this protects your opal while allowing jewellery designers the freedom to design and enhance the inherited features. The cost is normally one and half times less than that of a solid opal of equal features. Doublets are very much undersold but they still have that magic that a top-class solid opal achieves.